Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Shack: A Killer Vacation - Kelli Sue Landon

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Pages:  269
Source: Review copy from author
Genre:  Young Adult, Mystery

From Amazon:
It’s summer vacation and Deborah Walker invites childhood friend Kimberly Foster to stay in her parents’ cottage retreat in Wisconsin.  High School graduation is behind them and now it’s time to let their hair down.  Besides partying and being on their own for a month, Deb’s goal is to film a documentary of the area as a pre college project.  Shortly after arriving, news spreads around town that a serial killer has just been arrested.  Deb’s plans for her film soon change as curiosity takes over.  She wants to be the first person to film inside of the killer’s old beach house, which is where he stashed the bodies.  Deb and Kim are successful in making their way into the shack on the beach, but will they make it out?

My Thoughts:
Kelli Sue Landon has done it once again.  She has created a young adult novel that will hold its readers on the edge of their seat to finish it.  Most teens will be able to identify with these characters.  We’ve all had friends who moved on without us because we no longer fit into their mold.  It may have been due to finances as in this case.  When Deb started hanging out with a richer class of kids, Kim no longer fit in.  She was a good old stand-by when Deb’s wealthy friends were unavailable.  Maybe that is why Kim was invited to spend the summer with Deb at her parents Wisconsin retreat.

Both girls have great plans for their futures.  Kim wants to be a famous chef.  She has known this ever since her mother ran out on them when they were younger and she had to take over the household duties.  Deb has always wanted to be a journalist.  In years past Kim was the one behind the camera filming Deb doing the “reporting”. 

Upon arriving in Wisconsin the girls go to eat at a local diner and learn of the arrest of a local serial killer.  This is when  Deb’s plans to make a documentary about the area changes.  She wants to film inside the killers beach cottage and maybe get inside his head.  Her decisions put not only herself and Kim’s lives in danger but also the lives of two of her local friends.

Like all of her books, you think you have it all figured out and then the twists and turns take you some place else.  I can’t wait to put this on my shelves at school.  This is another great book that many of my students will be able to relate to.

I will recommend this book and will look forward to reading whatever she comes out with next.

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