Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unforeseen Fears - H.W. Gruchow

Publisher:  Xlibris
Pages:  240
Source: Review copy from author
Genre:  Adult, Mystery

My thoughts:
I love mysteries.  It is even better when the mystery has the reader so involved they are walking right alongside the characters.  In this book, Jake and Armis have always competed to figure out murders.  A creepy hobby in my opinion, but to each his own.  Something has changed in their little game.  A murder form the past seems to have some sort of connections to a recent disappearance.  AT first  the book felt a little disjointed.  Some many different characters.  I was not really sure who to trust, who was believable.  Suddenly, everything was brought together in a nice neat packet.  All of the loose ends and characters were brought together and the reader says, “Oh, I didn’t see that coming.”  That in my opinion is the making of a great book!

It is for these reasons that I would recommend this book, especially to those who love mysteries.  This was my first reading of any work by this author.  I will definitely look for more work by him.

About the Author:
H. William Gruchow began writing fiction after an academic career spanning nearly forty years, during which he published numerous scientific papers, articles and books, and enjoyed teaching thousands of students.  “writing good fiction requires the same level of creative energy and attention to detail as good scientific writing and good teaching.  At their best they are valuable learning experiences for the author, as well as being informative and entertaining learning experiences for the audience.”

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