Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sofia’s Rainbow – Lina Simoni

Illustrator – Laura Furlan
Publisher:  Moonleaf Publishing, LLC
Pages:  48
Source:  Review copy from publisher
Genre:  Children’s Picture Books

This was a unique book.  It is set in Istanbul.  Sofia has long curly hair.  She and her father lives on the Eastern shore of the Golden Horn.  Her father is a shoemaker.  Some days she goes and helps him in his shop.  Most of the time she stays in her bedroom on the top floor of their home.  She loves standing on the terrace looking out over the water and watching for rainbows.  She is a lonely girl.  She believes if she could ever climb to the top of a rainbow then she could find a friend. 
One day she and her father find some kittens.  Her father lets her take one home.  She chooses the smallest kitten and takes him home.  She can’t get him to stop crying or get  him eat.  She tries to feed him milk and he rejects it.  When she begins to warm it she notices him eating a fig.  She soon learns he is a strange cat.  He loves figs, sleeping around her neck and laying on his back with his belly exposed.  She tries to get him  to join her on the terrace but the cat is scared of heights.

Angry that her cat is strange she begins to ignore it.  One day her wish comes true.  She sees a rainbow that comes close enough she can climb it.  Part way up she gets scared.  She calls for help.  She is surprised to see  her cat come to the rescue.  She discovers friends don’t always have to like the same thing you like.  They can be different and still be your friend.

Very cute book with a wonderful message.

About the Author:
Born in Italy and a resident of the US since 1988, Lina Simoni is the author of the award-winning novel, The Scent of Rosa’s Oil, translated into German and Greek.  Her second novel, The House of Serenades, will appear in Jue of 2012.  She is at work on her third novel, The Cabinet Spell.  Simoni lives in Southern California with her two cocker spaniels, Biscuit and Simon.  She is also a photographer and artist.  Her artistic and literary work is on Facebook and

About the Illustrator:
Laura Furlan worked for many years in the gastronomy sector as an illustrator, reporter, and translator.  As a cat lover, she was excited to bring to life Sofia’s cat, Incir.  Furlan currently resides in Milan, Italy, with her husband and two daughters.

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