Saturday, April 21, 2012

Student Saturday: No Dogs Allowed - Bill Wallace

Publisher:  Aladdin
Pages:  224
Genre:  Middle Grade, Animals
Student Reviewer:  Sarah

Once the family horse Dandy, Kristine chooses to never again have another pet.She doesn't want to feel that pain again.  Plus with another pet it would be too much with her new baby on the way and all.  Then for her birthday she gets a puppy from her dad that she doesn't want.  She acts surprised but she really didn't even want the puppy in the first place, then she gets mad!  The one day one of the most annoying boys from school comes over to check out her new puppy.  He tells her to love a pet while they are still alive before the heartache.  My opinion of this book was that it was a very good lesson learned for me.  My connection was that I once learned to enjoy something while you still have it.  Yet, this mostly happens at Kristine's grandparent's house.

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