Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Off to Class – Susan Hughes

Publisher:  Owlkids Books
Pages:  64
Source:  I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Genre:   All Ages, Non-fiction

This book made its way through several of the teachers at my school before I got it back to review.  We are an IB World School, so the other teachers thought they should read this book to share with their students how lucky they are to be able to have an education that comes so easy.  It was eye opening to see how these kids live and how much they value an education.  This is a block that definitely will go on my shelves.  My students need to realize how good they have it. 

For me the most interesting thing was the Platform schools.  Kids are free to cme and go,  or bring younger siblings.  This eliminates many problems they may have.

I personally would love to hold school in a tree house.  I think Ill share this book with my students at the beginning of next school year.  Maybe then they will appreciate the free educational chances they have.


  1. A tree school? That sound so good.
    I always loved to read about the so called non conventional schools

  2. I hate being stuck in a conventional classroom day in and day out. Occasionally I enjoy taking my students into our courtyard and having class in the cool breeze. Time wise it doesn't work well.