Saturday, May 12, 2012

Student Saturday: The Pike River Phantom - Betty Wren Wright

Publisher:  Scholastic
Pages:  160
Student Reviewer:  Chantal

Charlie and his cousin Rachel are having trouble getting along.  They always argue. Especially because everyone thinks she's perfect including Rachel! She is going to be the Sunbonnet Queen in the town's big parade this summer.  No one likes Charlie. No one thinks he is perfect. One day Charlie tells Rachel about the strange woman he saw in the abandoned house down by the "Pike River", but Rachel doesn't believe him at first.  But, she is making a big mistake.  the woman Charlie saw was really a ghost, not a woman.  charlie thinks it was a ghost! Every time Charlie tries to tell Rachel about the woman she just ignores him.  She thinks it's a complete joke just for attention. But, the ghost Charlie saw is coming to get Rachel. The only question that every one wants to find out is why does the ghost hate Rachel so much? Read the book to find out.
I really recommend reading this book. I think you should read this because. It's really scary which I love. It's a mystery book. Good luck finding out why the ghost hates Rachel so much. You'll be surprised by what happens. This book reminded me of my favorite show "Taps". Taps is a crew that does ghost hunting.  I really want to do ghost hunting when I grow up or work for the ASPCA helping animals.  My opinion about the book is that you should really read it because it's an awesome book! The ghost wants something and will do anything to get it................anything!

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