Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Into Reading Challenge

Once again it is that time of year.  You know, the time when you dust off all of those books you've been hoping to get to, create a list, and begin reading them.  Katrina at Callapidder Days has once again set up this wonderful challenge.  It is one of two that I participate in each year.  This is a laid  back challenge.  It is simple.  Just create a list of books you would like to read and start reading.  It starts September 22 and ends December 21st.  You create a post of your book goals and then at the end create a post letting everyone know how you did.  In the Spring I had a  super long list and then was unable to get to them all. With new duties at school I have created a reasonable list and will add to it as I am able.  So let the fun begin.  Below is my list of books for this challenge. I am sure I will be adding books to the list as I go.

Picture Books
When Verdell Comes to Visit - Clayton J. Liotta
I Thought I Saw a Dragon Late Last Night - Clayton J. Liotta
Up A Tree With Chicken Soup -Clayton J. Liotta
The House at 25 Clearview Drive - Clayton J. Liotta
Molly, by Golly! - Dianne Ochiltree
The Dog Show - Sally O. Lee
'CAT'ASTROPHE' - Kathy Johnson
The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus - Tom de Paolo
Quest for Good Manners - Karen LeFranc

Middle Grade/Young Adult/Adult Books
The Wind of Life: Vita - Oliver Neubert
The Chest of Visions:  Secrets of Caperston - Tim Ferguson
When the Lights Go Out - Max Elliot Anderson
The Scarecrow - Max Anderson
River Rampage - Max Elliot Anderson
The Golden Scarab - S.W. Lothian
The Cursed Nile - S.W.Lothian
A Long Walk to Water - Linda Sue Park
The One and Only Ivan - Katherine Applegate
The Upside of Ordinary - Susan Lubner
Stealing Kevin's Heart - M. Scott Carter
Thompson Twins Las Vegas Adventure - Lesa Hammond
The  Land of Whoo - Ryan O'Brien
Pieces of Me - Darlene Ryan
Legend of the White Eagle - Barbara Hay
The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls -John Lekich
Just Breeze - Beverly Stowe McClure
Losing Elizabeth - Tanya J. Peterson
I Want to Fly - Allel Kheroufi
Curse of the Shamra - Barry Hoffman
Katia - Bruce Judisch
Latitudes - Anthony Caplan
Demoneater - Royce Buckingham
Demonocity - Royce Buckingham
Escape to Mars - Greg Krehbiel

Added to List
Demonkeeper - Royce Buckingham
Poppy and the Stranger - Eli Jay
Ella The Pink Elephant - Doris Rueger
Morris the Village Voice - Doris Rueger
Captain Jack's Treasure - Max Elliot Anderson
When the Lights Go Out - Max Elliot Anderson


  1. Wow nice list, I'm doing the challenge too. I have any books from your list. I look forward to your reviews. Happy reading.

  2. Good luck with the challenge, I'm also participating =)

  3. What a fun list you have to work on, books for all ages. I hope you enjoy your reading experience this fall. Thanks for the visit today, and have a fun time with your list of reading this fall.

  4. Hi Sandra! I haven't read any of the books on your list, but will have to look into some of them, since I'm always looking for good middle grade / YA books to recommend to my son. As usual, looks like lots of variety to keep you busy! Enjoy your fall reading!

  5. Wow, I've not heard of any of these titles. Enjoy your reading!

  6. Hey, I'm honored that Escape to Mars made your list.

  7. Nice! I haven't read many YA books but have enjoyed most of the ones I have read. Have fun!!