Saturday, September 22, 2012

Four Wonderful Children's Books by Clayton J. Liotta

Here are my first four reviews for the Fall Into Reading Challenge.  I don't think I could have picked any better books to begin this fun, laid back challenge.

Reading the four books by Clayton J. Liotta was very refreshing.  It had the same feel of reading a Dr. Seuss book.  The only difference was that Dr. Seuss created his own language.  Mr. Liotta has create story lines that rhyme and roll off of the tongue.  They are fun to read.  I have to say as an adult they kept me on the edge of my seat to see if what I predicted would happen actually did.  What follows is a brief synopsis of each of the four books he sent me,

I Thought I Saw a Dragon Late Last Night is the story of a young boy who goes on a quest to find a dragon he thought he saw the night before.  He goes all the places he believes he would find the dragon based upon the knowledge he holds of dragons.  It was a cute book with wonderful pictures, also created by the author.


When Verdell Comes to Visit tells the story of a young boy expecting a visit from his friend Verdell.  The fun thing is that Verdell is not your typical friend.  He is an alligator.  The young boy realizes that no matter how much he likes his friend, his friend is difficult to have around.

Up a Tree With Chicken Soup.   A young boy sets out in search of an adventure.  He takes with him some water and chicken soup in his backpack.  As he comes upon a magnificent tree he realizes that it is calling him to climb it.  Every time he goes up a branch or two he realizes there is another creature there and they all love his chicken soup.  A wonderful book about adventures and sharing.

The House at 25 Clearview Drive  was probably my favorite of all of them.  Upon hearing that new neighbors will be moving into the house across the street a young boy becomes very excited.  He can’t wait because they have a kid his age.  He anxiously watches the workers come and fix up the run down house.  Finally the day arrives. The movers tell him the new family will arrive the next day.  He sees all of Bobby’s toys and can hardly wait.  When the family arrives he realizes that things weren’t exactly the way he expected them to be.  This was a fun book.  I kept reading it over and over.

About the author:
Clayton J. Liotta is an Illustrator, Author & Cartoonist.  He currently has six books out.  They include Dubs Goges to WAshigton,   Dubs Runs For President, and the four books listed above.

You can check out what Clayton is up to by visiting his Facebook page or his website.


  1. Fabulous books. A new writer has come on the scene. He should make a big mark with kids. I love the way he depicts them in their quiet curiosity.