Saturday, September 15, 2012

Student Saturday: Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

Welcome to the first Student Saturday of the new school year!

So you may be asking what Student Saturday is.  This is a time when I showcase my student's reviews.  They get to speak out about what they are reading.  In the process they are LEARNING how do create a book review.  So be kind.  This is their first attempt at letting you the reader know what they think makes a great book review.  Find out what books they have discovered and their opinions.

My first reviewer of the year is Maddy D.  The words and opinions written here are hers.
This book is recommended for upper elementary or lower middle grades.

I think Clementine is a very fun and energetic book.  I loved the book so much I want to recommend it to you.  I am like Clementine in many ways.  I want to share one with you because it is an important lesson.  Clementine and I like to help friends whatever the situation.

I think the setting of the book is anywhere like school and her apartment.  If you like to be a daredevil you will definitely want to read this book.  I think even if you are not someone who likes to get down and dirty or go extreme and you like books like that then you should definitely read this book.

This book mostly is about her life and how it is going.  It is also about how it is different from our everyday life.  So, if you like how it sounded, definitely read it.  It is an amazing book.

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  1. Well done Maddy. Congrats on your first review.