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Demonkeeper Series by Royce Buckingham

When I was first asked to review these books I was hesitant because of the titles.  When I read the summary I knew these were books I had to read.  The publicist sent me the second and third books to review.  I knew I had to read the first one as well.  Sit back and enjoy this review.  There is so much I would like to tell you, yet to do so would spoil it.  So after reading the review, rush out and get your copies.  I know I will be recommending these books to my students.

Kindle approximate pages: 236
Source:  Purchased
Genre:  Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy

Nat is a young teen who finds himself in charge of a house full of demons.  As a young child he became apprenticed to a Demon Keeper known as Dahliwahl.  When Dahliwahl disappears it is up to Nat to keep the demons safe and under control. The demons in his house range from playful to malicious.  With no other human in the house Nat decides it is time to find other teens.  He meets Sandy, a junior librarian and thus begins their relationship.  While out on a date two young homeless boys, Gus and Richie break into his house.  They inadvertently let loose the most dangerous demon in the house, appropriately called "The Beast".  The Beast eats Gus and goes after Richie.  This is how Richie and Nat meet.  We are also introduced to another Demon Keeper called "The Thin Man".  He has turned evil, and managed to take over Nat's house.  The question is, can Nat, Richie and Sandy take back the house before it is too late?  I loved the cover of the book.  The images of the demons remind me of so many different movies with creatures similar in looks, like Monster, Inc. or Monsters vs. Aliens.
Since I teach middle school kids I know that they will love the idea that people get eaten while also knowing that this is not real scary.  I believe both boys and girls will love this book.

Kindle approximately184 pages
Source: Review copy from publisher
Genre:  Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy

This book started off in the 1700's in Ireland.  George is writing about his master's return.  His master, the Demon Keeper had disappeared for a month and they thought he was dead.  He tells George he survived  by eating the bugs that infested his ship and yet he lost all of the demons he had captured.  George realizes something has changed in his master.  His last entry tells us his master has become a demoneater.
Fast forward to current Seattle and we once again find Nat, Richie and Sandy together.  When a giant cement troll under a bridge disappears they realize that something is seriously wrong in Seattle.  We meet Lilli,a young hippie type who is also looking for the Troll.  Sandy is jealous of Lilli.  Nat realizes that Lillie is a Demon Keeper.  She considers herself a collector.  She collects all of the colorful peaceful demons.  Nat on the other hand hunts the  more mischievous demons.  Lilli has been keeping a secret.  She only tells Nat, Sandy and Richie about it when her demons are killed.  She has known for quite some time that something was stalking her and now she has led it to Seattle.  Sandy is furious and points out that Nat, his house and his demons are now at risk.  You must read this book to find out if he can rescue them and find out who or what the Demoneater is.  I loved how the tension was taken up a notch. I am finding that I don't like Nat very much.  He tends to talk down to Richie at times.  He is also a very insensitive boyfriend.  Lilli came across too strong toward Nat at the beginning of the book.  This dysfunctional family of four seem to have real issues with relationships.  One thing that made me really love this book was the way the author used demons to explain events in history.  Demons Wedge and Char were responsible for the Great San Francisco earthquake and fire, or the Great Chicago Fire.  I loved getting a better look at some of the demons.

Kindle approximately 184 pages
Source:  Review copy from publicist
Genre:  Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy

Nat is gone.  He is on a personal quest that leads him someplace he wasn't expecting.  In his absence, demons and chaos have taken over Seattle.  Nat, Lilli and Sandy are trying to put the house back together.  I loved it when Lilli took the remains of demons killed by the Demon eater, and she smears them on the walls of the house.  They swirl together to create beauty inside.  Sandy has continued to translate the journal to learn as much as possible about the history of the Demon Keepers.  I thought the author was brilliant in bringing her into the story.   She is not a Demon Keeper, yet she is passionate about saving, and hunting these demons to set things right. We see a different side of Lilli in this book.  She has never looked at the negative side of demons.  Now she has to fight against them to help out.  She does this even though she doesn't want to.  She realizes friendship is important, now that she has friends. To tell you any more would spoil it.  I know I've left you hanging.  So, go get your copies now.

About the Author:
In addition to Demonkeeper,  Demoneater and Demonocity, Royce Buckingham is the author of Goblins! and The Dead Boys. He also writes for Random House’s Penhaligon imprint in Germany, where Demonkeeper – named the International Reading Association’s Children’s Choice for 2008 – was a bestseller.

Royce is also a screenwriter, a prosecuting attorney, and a professional speaker at schools and writing conferences. He’s represented by Atchity Entertainment International, a management and production company in Los Angeles, California. He currently lives in Bellingham, Washington with his family.

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