Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Three Picture Books

The Dog Show by Sally O. Lee
Publisher:  Createspace
Pages:  38
Source:  Review copy from author
Genre:  Children, Picture Book, 2012

When Billy enters his dog Harry in the local dog show, he hears from all of the other entrants how special their dogs are.  They each tell him why their dog will win and his won’t.  He doesn’t know what kind of dog Harry is.  He loved Harry the moment he found him at the shelter.  But, Harry has a surprise for everyone.

The Amazing Adventure of Paddy Platypus – Tom de Paolo

Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 78
Source: Review copy from Author
Genre: Children, Picture Book,
Source Review copy from Author  

Paddy Platypus is the fastest platypus in all of Tasmania.  Sir Hugh hears about his speed and comes to visit and see for himself.  Sir Hugh is so impressed that he enters Paddy in a swim race in California.  Paddy wins his first and second race.  However, Paddy doesn’t like all of the noise and crowds.  When he learns the third race is to take place in the ocean, he is thrilled.  He is supposed to swim to a small island in thebay.  But, Paddy has other plans.  This is a great story about being yourself and doing things for your own reasons and pleasure, not to please someone else.

A Quest For Good Manners – Karen Le Fran
Publisher: Beluga Press
Pages: 32
Source: review copy from author
Genre: Children, Picture Book

Princess Rosalind has the most atrocious manners.  She and her dragon sit at the table slurping their food.  The Queen sends them off on a quest to learn manners.  This was a cute book.  The lessons were subtle yet put in a manner that parents could have a great discussion with their children.  I think this would be great for all families with young children.
Starlette Universe 'Cat'astrophe - Kathy Johnson
Publisher:  Kulpa Publishing
Pages:  68
Source:  Review copy from author
Genre:  Children

This was a book that is hard to classify.  Although it is written similar to a picture boook, the main characters are young teenage girls.  This might be good for middle schoolers.  The story is told through verse and puns.  I loved that the author used vocabulary that was unique and more difficult. There are explanations of unfamiliar things at the bottom of the pages. I think the girls in my class will really enjoy this book.

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