Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Signing Adventures at the Orange Blossom Festival

Today was day one of a two day festival in Bradenton, Florida.  Mixon's Fruit Farm held its annual Orange Blossom Festival.  I was one of many vendors who braved the spitting rain, and cold weather with its biting wind.  I am sitting here in my flannel pajamas, still trying to thaw out .  It was a lot of fun!  I met some wonderful people there.

I was excited to see Liam McAuley, author of "The Musicians" at the festival.  He shared a booth with a couple of other authors.  I have been to two other book signings with Liam.  He graciously donated one of his magnificent books to my book giveaway at school.

Karen Browning had the booth next to mine.  She creates wonderful pieces of jewelry.  I loved the fact that she creates most of her jewelry from wood, glass and shells.  No plastic for her pieces.

Brandon Scott of "Brandon Scott Artworks" had a booth diagonal from mine.  He had a painting that I absolutely loved.  While there he proceeded to paint another one.  I don't know what he will title it but I was calling it "Beyond the Mist".  Why you ask?  I want to know what is beyond the mist in the center of his paining.  Hmmm.  Sounds like a good place to start another book. The painting I loved was almost identical to this one.  He called it "Lost".   The piece he is standing in front of was not finished.  He would paint a few strokes and then he would talk with customers.  I loved watching it come alive on his canvas.

Isn't it gorgeous?  He also has painted furniture.  It was wonderful getting to know him and his wife and the stories behind his paintings.  Go here to his Facebook page to get a look at more of his art.

We were fortunate that our booth sat where it did.  I had a perfect view from inside my booth of the Wallendas.  I was cold with the gusty wind blowing through my tent.  I can't imagine what they must have been going through. 

This lady had to be freezing standing atop that sway pole 100 feet in the air.  I can't wait until tomorrow for day two.  It is supposed to be colder tomorrow.  I just hope the wind doesn't blow as much.  I want calm winds not only to keep me from freezing but to help the Wallendas with their three shows tomorrow.

If you will be in the area come on out.

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