Sunday, March 3, 2013

DAY 2 - Orange Blossom Festival

I wish I had a lot more pictures.  I will tell you that you can go to Mixon's Fruit Farms to look at all the wonderful festivities.  We started the morning out at 48 dedrees.   It was mostly cloudy today and breezy.
It was still a wonderful day.I made some new friends.  Ray and Linda own From the Earth and Seas. It was a pleasure getting to know Ray.  His booth was diagonal from ours. He had wonderful silver jewelry and pottery.

A little while later I met Marina Mercier andKarla Gramboa of "Chickie Bow Boutique".  This picture is from their Facebook page because we were unable to get a picture when there were no kids or adults packing their booth.
You can check out their sites:     or

I have no picture of Lynda Shipley.  She had the coolest dream catchers with spiders on them.  She also had name medallions.  I had wonderful conversations with the Mary Kay ladies behind me, Karen from Karen Browning of Gone to Baja...Beads, Liam McAuley and other authors there to promote their books.  Brandon was back with his artwork.  Today his paining was of Marilyn Monroe.  Personally I love his work.

When we left yesterday we were so cold all we talked about was finding some chili.  We did find chili inside Mixon's Fruit farm.  We had great views of the Wallenda's performing and just had a great time.  I look forward to future events at Mixon's Fruit Farms.

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