Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Just two more days until the Spring Reading Thing Comes to an end.  I am sorry I've not been on here promoting it more.  School is finally out and I have put behind me one of the busiest years of my life.
Remember to put up a final post letting us know how your reading went.  My students had to end their challenge early due to school ending.  However. I managed to give away 85 books to students who participated.  Looking forward to next year's students.  We must do whatever it takes to keep the reading love going.  I look forward to seeing how your reading went.  Remember, there are two Amazon cards that will be given away.  You must have your final post up by the 24th.


  1. This was fun and made me read more then I probably would have! But then, I do like to read but have to start keeping a better record of what I am reading! So this time I did post my books on Goodreads also to have a way to check back on what I read!
    Where do we post our final posting? And can I just post the link to my blog that I kept updating with what and when I read which book? I did try to keep it all together this time around, and am thinking I'll do a Summer reads blog until the next challenge "Fall into Reading" :-) Thanks!!

  2. Whew, completed! Here's my post, already have Fall into Reading on my challenge page waiting for a link ;-)

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. My final post is up. Thanks for inspiring me to keep to my list, I liked having a way to track what I read, finished reviewing and still needed to review. I might have to do this on my own for summer and then meet ya back here for the Fall i see. I wasn't sure where to post my wrap up since I didn't find a separate linky I left it on the original linky too. Thanks for hosting and the chance to win!