Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

This has been a wonderful  Challenge.  As always I enjoyed forcing myself to read more.  It was a great success for my students as well.  I had more students join this challenge and stick to it. I have a couple of books I must post reviews for this week.  The Hunt, and Children of the Fog will be posted tomorrow. I finished the Hunt about 20 minutes before I started this post.

Below is my original list.  I've drawn lines through those I read.  Those in red were added to the list.  I started with 16  books.  I read a total of 30 books.  However 17  of those books were picture books.  Of the remaining 13 books 2 were adult books,the other 11 were a combination of MG, MG/YA, or YA/Adult.  I had about a quarter of The Musicians to read but stopped because I am finishing up the book Balance by Nik Wallenda in time for his walk across the Grand Canyon this Sunday.  My plans are to have the post up on Saturday, one week after I spoke with him.  My husband and I live in Sarasota, FL and went out and watched him practice on Saturday and were able to talk with both him and his beautiful wife.  I gave them my card so they could read the review after his walk.  As for all of the picture books.  It seems that I have had lots of authors who have written picture books (especially about monsters and farts) that have asked me to read and review their books.  Expect more picture books next week.  I do hope you had as much fun  as I did with this challenge and I hope to see you in the Fall.

Books to Finish:
The Musicians – Liam McAuley 
The Hunt – Andrew Fukida (YA/Adult, Fantasy)
St. Viper’s School for Super Villains – Kim Donevan (MG, Fantasy)

New Books to Read:
A Time For Everthing – David Bond
At Drake’s Command – David Wesley Hill (Adult, HF)
Babel's First Light – Sherry Chamblee
Brain on Fire – Susannah Cahalan
Children of the Fog – Cheryl Kaye Tardif (Adult, Mystery, Suspense)
Dead Man’s Hand – Eddie Jones (MG/YA, Mystery)
Beholding Bee – Kimberly Newton Fusco (MG/YA, Realistic Fantasy)

Children’s Books:
Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – Brooks Olbrys (picture book)
Alphabet Anatomy – Linda Ann Jones (picture book)
Candy and the Cankersaur - Jason Sandberg (picture book)
Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs - David Chuka (picture book)
Circle and Square - Ms. Sally O. Lee (picture book)

Wiggle Jiggle - Alan Dapre  (picture book)
When Monsters Come Out to Play - Samantha Foster (picture book)
Billy and the Monster Who Ate All the Easter Eggs - David Chuka (picture book)
The Boy and the Ocean - Max Lucado (picture book)
Aberrant - Ruth Silver (YA, dystopian)
The Golden Scarab - S.W. Lothian (MG, Fantasy)
The Cursed Nile  - S.W. Lothian (MG, Fantasy)
The Fallen Pharoah - S.W. Lothian (MG, Fantasy)
The Black Duckling - D. Edgar Henneking (picture book)
Froggie - Jeremy Goodison (picture book)
Skippyjon Jones Shape Up - Judy Sachner (picture book)
Froggy Goes to Hawaii - Jonathan London (picture book)
Billy and Monster The Superhero With Fart Powers - David Chuka (picture book)
Billy and Monsters New Neighbor Has a Secret - David Chuka (picture book)
Thompson Twins Call the Cops - Lesa Hammond (MG, Realistic Fiction)
Oh Brother! - Kimberly Sentek (picture book)
Hello Bella - Nicole J. Foster (picture book)
Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan - Micheal Andrisano (MG, Fantasy)
Impostors & One Far Out Flying Machine - Sands Hetherington (MG, Fantasy)

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  1. You did very well. I'll have to check my progress and post my results.

  2. You did great, Sandra! Your list has reminded me that I still have The Hunt on my TBR mountain! I must get to that!!

  3. The Hunt was one of those books that stayed with me. Now all I have to do is get the next two in the series and read them.