Saturday, June 15, 2013

Classics to Farts, Six Children's Books

The Black Duckling - D. Edgar Henneking
This is a wonderful re-telling of "The Ugly Duckling". What made this book unique was that instead of hand-drawn or painted illustrations the book is full of realistic photographs.  I love this story and love to share it with my grandkids.  We talk about how words hurt and how there is always beauty in every person.  I definitely recommend this book to parents of young children.

Froggie - Jeremy Goodison
Froggie is the King of Frongland. While telling the reader what it is like in Frogland where he is king, children learn important lessons such as eating right, brushing their teeth, taking naps and of course my favorite, the benefits of reading books to make you smart.

Skippyjon Jones Shape Up - Judy Sachner
Skippyjon takes the child age 0-4 and teaches them shapes in a fun way. Skippyjon stays in shape by running in a circle or dancing on a square. This is a fun and simple way to discuss and teach basic shapes. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

                                                      Froggy Goes to Hawaii - Jonathan London
Wonderful Pictures and a Wonderful Story.  Froggy and his family is getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii.  When mom wakes Froggie up he is having difficulty settling down.  He is told to pack and reminded to pack his swimsuit.  He packs his toy plane, boat and his ukelele into his bag and runs outside in his pajamas.  Once dressed they head off to the airport where we see he is still hyper.  He has difficulty waiting in line, waiting to get there and thinking what he is doing before he does it. Froggie and his family have a lot of adventure on their vacation.  Read the book to see what type of adventures he has.  I read this book on the site "

Billy and Monster The Superhero with Fart Powers - David Chuka
Billy and Monster have one wish, they would love to be superheroes.  They day dream of this in school.  Billy's dad is reading the paper at the table one night when he tells them about a jewelry thief who is stealing jewelry from rich, fancy dinner parties.  The mayor has promised a reward.  The next day Billy and Monster attend a fancy dinner party with his parents.  The jewelry thief shows up.  It is up to Billy and Monster to use their super power to save the day. You must read the book to find out how they do it.

Billy and Monster's New Neighbor Has a Secret - David Chuka
Billy knows most of the neighbors on his street.  For years there has been no one living in the house next door.  One day Billy and Monster are playing race cars in the livingroom when there is a knock at their front door.  They have new neighbors in the house next door.  Billy's dad invites them in.  Sally is trying to be friends with Billy but Billy thinks she is just being a pest and yells at her.  Billy is sent to his room.  The next day he goes over to apologize.  Sally's father takes Billy into the back yard where Sally is.  It is here that Billy discovers that Sally has a secret.  You really need to read this book to find out what the secret it.  I mean, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you.

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