Monday, September 30, 2013

Slow - Digonta Bordoloi

Source:  I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion

From Goodreads:
Slow is the story of a boy who preferred to walk when the world around him was gearing up to run.

Baba is born in a remote corner, sheltered from modern development. His father's job takes the family from town to town, and with each move, Baba comes to terms with his new life. He spends an idyllic childhood doing things at his own pace, bending the rules whenever he can. And then the unthinkable happens...

My thoughts:
This book started out extremely slow.  I believe it was done to give us a feel for the main character Baba.  He takes life slow.  He examines everything around him and really lives in the moment.  My only problem with the first half of the book was that it jumped around from character to character and often I didn't know who the narrator was.  I felt that the first half of  the book would have been a little easier to read if we would have had some indication as to who was doing the talking.  About half way through the book a major incident happens.  Baba's life is changed in an instant.  From that point on in the book time speeds up.  However, Baba still sees life through his own pace and uses that lens to help his friends and family.
There was always this underlying message that we need to slow down. We need to redefine our goals as we progress through life.  We need to look at life and re-evaluate everything around us.  This is something we can only do if we take the time to slow down.  Baba helps his friends through memories and gentle nudgings to do just that.

This was definitely a most unique books.  It gave me a little peek into life in different parts of India.  The reader gets to look at the different cultures, traditions, foods and language of this country.  It shows that no matter where you are a kid is a kid and and adult is an adult.  They think some of the same thoughts and have some of the same ideas no matter what country they live in.  I have to say honestly, if the author had not contacted me, this probably would not have been a book I would have searched out on my own.  The blurb was interesting enough but didn't leave me with enough information that would have stood out in the crowd.  For that reason I am glad the author did contact me because I can honestly say I could not stop reading the book.  I read it from cover to cover.

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