Saturday, October 5, 2013

Student Saturday: Dead Man's Hand - Eddie Jon

This weeks student reviewer is Riffat

This book really was a good read because of its amazing suspense, cliff-hanging chapters, and western at its best! I would really recommend this book to people ages ten and up because some of the content in the book containing blood (describing or talking about blood) and violence. Also, to people (ages ten and up) who love a good mystery, or a straight-out western lover!

Dead Man's Hand is a book based on a real-life murder in the 1800's, but in a different perspective. Nick Caden is just an everyday teenager who loves music and can be bored easily, but is also a kid-detective. Sadly, for him, his boredom will continue to go over him when he visits Deadwood Canyon Ghost Town for summer vacation with his family, instead of going to Disney World or some other fun-filled place. When Nick and his family finally arrive in Deadwood, strange things start to occur. A yellow Doge Charger was parked outside a barn and a man quickly got out of the car and vanished. Nick was bewildered by this so he went into the barn. Just as his mom called him, Nick discovered something peculiar. He saw red liquid o the sawdust in the barn and just as he looked up he smelled the odor of crimson, and just then knew it was blood. What was dying in the barn? Was it human or animal? What is Nick's criminal list about Also, most importantly, will Nick have a blast at Deadwood with a great murder-case to solve?

The main characters of this book is Nick Caden (main antagonist), a teenager who loves music and is a detective fanatic! Marshal Walt Buckleberry, is the marshal of Deadwood, and is a very strict and noble man. Annie, is the niece of the marshal and a tom-boyish girl (I mean she can hurl a gun out of nowhere!). Lastly Nick's criminal list mainly comprised of Wyatt Earp, and elderly guard, Pat Garret, a deputy and a friend of the marshal.

This book really reminds me of how Nick Caden solves mysteries as a detective in relation to how detectives in the real world solve mysteries. So please read Dead Man's Hand and uncover many secrets with Nick Caden!

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