Monday, October 28, 2013

Student Saturday: The Future of Us - Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

Student Reviewer: Isha

I would say this is the best teen romance ever! This book was written in the past when there was no Facebook. Emma's dad had just bought her a computer, and her best friend Josh had given her a CD so she could download the Internet. Once she did she had decided to get an E-mail. Something unusual was that under social was Facebook. No one else had this, not even Josh. Once she logged on the future of their lives was right ahead of them, literally. I could connect to this book because I have a Facebook and an E-mail.

The main characters of this book were Josh and Emma. Josh is a tall and a good looking guy. Emma is very nice and she is not that short. She has brown hair.l The nest two characters are Tyson and Kellan. Tyson is Josh's best friend and Kellan is Emma's. Kellan looks a lot like Emma. There there is Graham who went out with Emma. After that there is Sidney, blond hair, blue eyes, and very pretty, who ends up not like in a real relationship but acted like they were with Josh. Also, there is Cody one of the best athletes in the state. He is very tall. There there is Mom and Marin and the dad, and her baby sister. The setting of this book was mostly Emma's house, Josh's house, Pete's Pizza, their school, and the lake.

I would recommend this book to teens that like romance, There is some inappropriateness but then again it is a young ADULT book. Hope you enjoy it because the future and past at the same time with the same two people is something you would want to know more about.

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