Saturday, October 26, 2013

Student Saturday: Allie Finkles Rules for Girls: Moving Day - Meg Cabot

Student Reviewer: Annabre

I like this book so much that I have started reading the second and the third one. This book is about a nine year old girl that is about to move with her second grade brother Mark, her kindergarten brother Kevin, and her mother and father who work at a college. But, Allie the fourth grade girl disagrees about going to a new house. One reason she doesn't want to move is because she doesn't want to leave her best friend Mary-Ann. Allie and Mary-Ann have done everything together. My questions when I read this part was: "Are they still going to see each other?, "Are they still going to still be friends?", "If they are still going to be friends how are they going to live without each other if they have done so much together". I had many questions about this book and that's what made it so interesting, because I love books that make me question because then I can make a prediction what the answer is and then when I'm done with the book I can compare my prediction to the real answer. But Allie agrees about moving because her parents said if she moved with them (I don't know where she would have gone if she didn't go with her parents) she would get a baby kitten. She has always wanted a kitten because she loves cats. I didn't think she would want to move because she would not know anyone for one and she wouldn't have the same school for two, and three she would have a different house. I really enjoyed this book! It had a lot of twists and turns but that's what also made the whole book so interesting to me. These kinds of books have caught my interest.

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