Saturday, October 19, 2013

Student Saturday: The Magi - Kevin M. Turner

Student Reviewer:  Aeryn

This book is awesome. From the very beginning the book had great details so you could easily picture things in your mind. I am a person who likes the mystery or adventure to start in the very beginning because if it doesn't I get kind of bored. The whole adventure starts just a few pages in with Elijah waking up at one in the morning to a sense of danger.

Elijah Hawk is the main character. Elijah is a high school boy with one younger sibling, his sister Kiria. He is the oddball in his family with blond hair while the rest of his family has darker hair. Elijah is a skinny kid who no matter what he does he cannot buff up. He also has deep-blue eyes that could sometimes rival the color of the ocean. It was details like these that really make the book come together.

The setting was in Elijah's house, in his uncle Stan's house, in Saint Phillips Academy in Canada, in the Magi city, and in the Maliphists city.

The whole adventure started that one night at one o"clock with a feeling of danger deep within Elijah's gut. He ran from the house only looking back once. He goes to live with his Uncle Stan after a major tragedy affects his sister and parnets. Elijah stays there safe for a while when danger sets in again. He then leaves his Uncle Stand with Detective Scott to go to an academy in Canada. The three main rules there are Respect, Discipline, and Honesty. It was a very strict school. There Elijah meets Master Roddick, somebody who could answer some of his questions. He then takes Elijah and his roommate Samuel to his village. The village gives Elijah security ad more dangers, answers and more questions, and a new group of people to call family. The Magi. The Magi are the good guys in this book while the Maliphists are the bad ones. They took an elder's husband and have kept him hostage for many years. Elijah also found out they took his Uncle Stan and his friend Hannah. So, he and his new found friends set out to try to find and return these captured Magi but will their strength and bonds in friendship really be enough to save the captured Magi or will they fail and get captured themselves while trying?

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy magical things happening in a real life setting. I also think people who enjoy adventures and questions from a mystery flooding their mind would enjoy this book because I know I certainly did.

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