Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Four Children's Books

Cassi Da Conch by Laurel Handfield

From Goodreads:
Cassi wants to enter the Caribbean Conch Contest but she's not sure she has what it takes. She's a little conch who wants to win, but needs something to help her stand out from a sea of contestants. This colorful book encourages children to celebrate the things that make them unique and to cheer each other on.
My Thoughts:
One thing I really liked about this book was the information at the end about the different types of conchs.  I enjoy books that are entertaining, teach a lesson, such as we are all special in our own way, and has more information at the end. This book has all that, plus wonderful illustrations.

Three Books by Dustin Ross

Billy the Goat Helps His Father
Billy was always asking questions. He wanted to know what grownups did when they went to work. Billy's mom told hi that he should ask his father to take hi to work to see what his father does. He wakes up early to go to work with his father. Billy's father took them to an empty house. He learned his father was an electrician. he also learned it was important to never play around with electricity.

Billy the Goat Meets a Hero
Billy and his friends spend the day playing fireman, each taking turns rescuing the others. When he tells his father how he spent the day his father discovers Billy doesn't really know what a fireman does. Billy's father sets him up  with Charlie the Chimp. Billy learns that being a firefighter does't mean they only fight fires. He learns that everyone has a fear of something and that is okay. He learns a hero does what they need to do even when they are scared.

Billy the Goat Bakes
Billy wants to see what a baker does so he spends the day at the bakery. Billy wakes up early and goes to the bakery. Billy's first job is to help mix the ingredients for Zebra's special bread. He is told he must follow the instructions. Billy begins to mix the ingredients and can't remember the recipe and he doesn't ask for help. The bread was ruined. Billy learned it was okay to ask questions when he didn't know or understand something.

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