Thursday, November 28, 2013

Four More Picture Books

Ann's Cupcake stand by Jennifer Ogden

This is a "sweet" story told in rhyme. Ann is a young girl who gets this great idea to make and sell cupcakes. She gets her friend Fran, who likes her brother Dan to help her. They make the cupcakes and sell them, quickly running out. They end up getting more help and make a lot more as the line for their delicious cupcakes grows.  They learn that running their own business is not enough, they must clean up after themselves.
The story teaches children to plan and follow through with whatever they attempt to do. Great and colorful illustrations enhance the writing. This is a book to recommend to every young child you know.

T-Bone The flying Horse by Janice Virant

T-Bone was a small lonely horse. He wanted to be a racehorse. He wanted a friend and someone to love him. One day he gets adopted by a young girl who loved him. She taught him how to jump and leap. The one day T-Bone starts to grow wings.When the wings grew large enough, because of the girls love for him, she is taken on a flying trip around the world. When their world trip was over he left her knowing he would always be in her heart.

Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and bagel by Irene Dolnick

This book is not only a cute story about true friendship and being a risk-taker, but it has a strong phonics lesson to it. Kurt, Gert, and Jazmine are three beagles who love to play together. When the weather turns cold Jazmine is literally left out in the cold until she meets Bagel. bagel asks her to go to a warmer climate with him.  She really wants to but is afraid she will lose him by going with him.  She learns that friends remain friends no matter where they are.

Poppy and the Fat Puppy by Eli Jay

I have read many of the Poppy books and really enjoy them, as do my grand kids. Poppy the balloon finds a sad, fat puppy in the park.  He tells Poppy that his name is Fat Puppy.  All Fat Puppy wants is a home.  Poppy takes Fat Puppy to the vet. The vet tells Poppy that Fat Puppy needs to eat healthier foods, get plenty of exercise and lose weight.  Poppy works with Fat Puppy for several wees. Soon Fat Puppy is no longer fat and is healthy. Poppy takes him back to the Vet where he gets a new home and a new name.
This book is written and illustrated simply, yet the message goes a lot deeper.  It prompts discussion about eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise.  These are things we need to start talking about  with our children at a very young age if we wish them to get the message.

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