Saturday, March 1, 2014

Student Saturday: Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark - Ridley Pearson

Student Reviewer Kevin F.

The Kingdom Keepers is about five kids who have holograms of themselves programmed to serve as Disney World tour guides during the day. At night, they unexpectedly turn into holograms of themselves in the magic Kingdom wearing whatever they wore to bed at night. Finn is the leader of the Disney Hologram Interactive teens or DHI with Willa, Maybuck, Philby and Clarence. During the day, Finn meets a girl named Amanda who has a secret and is willing to help the DHI. They also met an elderly Imagineer named Wayne who tells them about the Overtakers, evil characters brought to life by night, such as Maleficent, the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty, or Blackbeard the robot pirate. The Overtakers want the Stone cutter's Quill, Walt Disney's first pen. The DHI must quest to find the Quill before the Overtakers do.

I can relate this to both Star Wars and Harry Potter. I would recommend this to someone who likes science fiction and fantasy, I chose science fiction because it has holograms and characters that are robots who come alive, and fantasy because it has magic pens, characters in general coming to life, and Maleficent trying to do something very bad.

Over all, on a scale of one-to-ten I would give it a ten because it exceeded all expectations.

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