Saturday, March 8, 2014

Student Saturday: Among the Betrayed - Margaret Peterson Haddix

Student Reviewer Katherine

Imagine you live in a world that allowed you to only have two children per pair. And if you were the third or fourth child you would have to get killed. Well in the book I read, Among the Betrayed, Elodie is betrayed. She is an illegal third child. Jason betrayed her. Since Elodie is illegal she has to get a face I.D. with a fake name. Now her name in Nina. But, she told the boy she loved the truth and then one day the Population Police came in her school looking for her. They arrested her and they let her have a choice. Either she betrays three kids or they kill her. This was a really entertaining book. It was filled with action and it was that type of book that I couldn't put down. I couldn't imagine being in Nina's situation. I would hate betraying someone or someone killing. But, did Nina really betray them?

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