Sunday, March 9, 2014

Three Wonderful Children's Authors: Tali Cami, Jason Sandberg, Michael Yu

I have recently been reading a lot of children's picture books.  When I get a request to review a book I will often purchase copies of some of their other books if I like the author.  Here are three that I would recommend to any parent.

Books by Tali Carmi

When Abigail’s parents go on a business trip she spends Christmas with her grandparents. Her grandfather was a scientist and inventor. When her grandparents take a nap, Abigail begins to explore. She slips into the attic.  She discovers a magical book and bicycle. She decides to take a trip to the Amazon. Read the book and go on this great adventure with her.

The main character of this story has red hair and freckles and is called Terry Treetop because he likes climbing trees. His dad built him a treehouse but he had no one to play in it with him. Go with Terry on his journey to find someone to join him.

It’s summer vacation and Terry Treetop is in his treehouse when he sees a butterfly. He chases it into the woods and gets lost and hungry.  He meets several new friends on his journey. But, will they be able to help him get home?

Terry Treetop is camping with his family when he see an egg.  Terry tries to find the owner of the egg. Travel with Terry on his journey and learn about different types of animal eggs.

Books by Jason Sandberg

Platavia was built on top of a mountain to keep the people safe. But, the people had more to fear than trolls and ogres.  Their king was evil, he took what he wanted and made so many laws the people feared him and were afraid they would do something that would break a law. Read to find out how a young carpenter named Juliette makes something for the King that in the end will help the people win their freedom.

This is another wonderful story by an author whose work I’ve come to love. Baby Julia loves her crib. One night she hears someone crying. She opens her secret pixie wings and she flies off to the moon to find out why he is crying.  She discovers the moon is hungry.  But, what can she do to help?  She’s just a baby. Read this book to find out what Julia does to help the moon.

 Books by Michael Yu
In this story we learn that size doesn’t matter. Jayden wants to become a knight. He is young and very small.  The people in his town laugh at his desire to become a knight because of his size and age. Finally the King tell shim he will knight him if he can bring back a dragon egg.  The king gives him some food and a rope to tak on his trip.  Follow Jayden on his quest for a dragon egg.

Eric is like most kids. He hates going to bed. His mom tells him that after he gets ready for bed a monster will come play with him.  Read this wonderful book that should be a bedtime ritual to find out if Eric will be able to entice the monster to come play with him.

Everyone knows there is no such thing as monsters, right? As a little boy prepares for bed he keeps seeing monsters. His mom picks up each items and assures her son there is no such things as monsters. But, could she be wrong?  What happens if she is? Read this wonderful story to find out.

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