Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Five More Picture Books

Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon - Sarah & Steven Mostyn

In a story told in the form of the woman who swallowed a fly we find a blue baboon who lives in a balloon. Every afternoon they have tea at half past three. Their friend Matt the Cat chases a family of mice that fly kites and eat friend mice.  On one of the kites lives an orange mite that likes to fight a troll who wears bright red tights.  One day they all get into the balloon to fly to the moon.  There they meet Holly and Molly, two raccoons who live in a cocoon and have a friend named Miranda the Panda. They watch cartoons in the cocoon until they hear the moo of the cow who jumped over the moon.  Then they go home to sit by the sea and have tea.

Not only is this a wonderful story full of rhyming words but the pictures are bright and colorful and leave so much to share with the child you are reading it to.

You can learn more at their web site:

Magical Toys – Uncle Amos
Ron had a room full of wonderful toys. He played with them every afternoon when he came home from school. One day he invited a friend over to play with him. They played hard until it was time for John to go home. Ron’s mom told him to clean up the toys. Ron waited to continue playing. When they looked at how messy the room was they knew it would be a lot of hard work. John convinced Ron they needed to leave everything here it was so they could play with it the net day. When Ron’s mom saw Ron had not cleaned his room she was angry with him. She told him Ron couldn’t come over. Ron was just as upset with hi mom. He didn’t think she was being fair. Suddenly Ron started hearing voices. Who was talking to him? What did they want?
Will Ron clean his room? Will mom allow him to have friends over again? Read this wonderful book that teaches children the importance of being responsible for their possessions.  Then check out more of Uncle Amos’ books.

My Brother is My Best Friend – Nicole Weaver

This story is told in English, Spanish and French. Since all the languages are on each page the author has color coded them. English is in black, Spanish is in red, and French is in blue.

This simple story is about twin brothers Blake and Drake and the fun they have playing outside in the winter and summer. It demonstrates why they are not only brothers but best friends.

At the end of the story there is a glossary of words found in French and Spanish There are also a word search and find the English sentences to match the French and Spanish sentences. The pictures are fun and whimsical. This would be a great teaching tool.

Part of the proceeds from the purchase of this book goes to a Haitian orphanage through Mercy & Sharing, an organization that provides food and shelter to Haiti’s abandoned children.  This is a project near and dear to the author’s heart. Her own mother lost 13 cousins in the 2010 earthquake that ravaged Haiti.

You can find more information at her website

Maya and Filippo Play Chef at Sea - Alinka Rutkowska

Maya and Filippo live on a cruise ship called the "Fun Princess". They travel all over the world having fun discovering new things. In this story they are traveling from New Zealand to Tasmania. When their mom asks them what they'd like to do that day, Maya says she'd like to make a cake and Filippo says he wants to eat cake. They join a group of other children with the pastry chef. The chef had them wash their hands and put on an apron and hat like a real chef. He shows them the ingredients on the table and tells the what to do. Maya sees one boy looking sad and not participating. He only sees a mess, not cake.  Maya convinces him that if he doesn't try he'll never know what he can do. They bake their cakes and then the parents get to taste them. The children learn how to have fun, take chances on something new and cooperate with each other.

Why Blue - Josh Tuininga

I loved this book because it is spot on. children are full of "why" questions. In this story Maya goes for a walk. While sitting on a bench she looks up at the sky and wonders why it is blue and not some other color. Read to find out what she learns about why the sky is blue. The author has demonstrated through his writing that a little kid still exists inside of him that continues to make him ask why.
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