Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Woderful Books - Eitan Hana

Foxy the Fox and the Vineyard

Foxy the fox lives with his wife and three fox children, sons Dolly and Polly and daughter Tolly. Foxy has lots of friends. He also has an enemy. Snicker the snake is the enemy of all of the animals. He is rich.  Everything he has he has taken by force.  He has a vineyard full of grapes that will soon be ripe.  At one time all the animals enjoyed the grapes. That was before Snicker took them and put fences and traps around them so no one could get to them except the crow who could fly in from above.  Foxy wants grapes more than anything.  He and his family sit down and make a plan to get the grapes.  Will he get the grapes or will he get caught.  Read this wonderful story to find out how friends help each other.  This story teaches kids not to be greedy, to remain loyal to friends, and to help each other.

Foxy's Birthday

It is Foxy's birthday.  His family and friends have prepared a surprise party for him.  Foxa his wife has prepared some omlettes from eggs given to her by her chicken friend.  Foxy's friend Coby Cat is coming for a visit and bringing the cake. Foxy hasn't seen Coby in a long time. When Foxy sits down to eat breakfast he sees his youngest is not at the table.  Mama sends him in to check on Tolly.  Tolly says she feels better and gets out of bed.  When they get to the table Foxy is surprised by a special breakfast. A knock on the door and he is surprised by his friend Coby.  Coby loves pranks.  Read to find out what happens when one of his pranks goes wrong.  This is a lesson about caring for each other in many different ways. It also shows how a simple act can be an act of heroism.

6 Activities For Children

This book has six activities you can do with your children.  These activities would be great for parties, or any large gathering. The book has instructions and a list of what you need for each activity. A couple of them are the Tug of War, Creating bottles with layers of colored salt, water races.  This book was a reminder to me of things that my family did whenever we would get together with other relatives on our farm or when we would go camping.  This was a reminder of a lot of great fun that I and my family had growing up.  This is a definite book for parents. This is enough to give you a start on activities to do together.  This seems to be something that is missing in families today.

Eitan Hana is the father of ten children, and has several grandchildren.  They grew up being told wonderful stories such as these.  These are definite must reads.

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