Saturday, June 21, 2014

Student Saturday: Fire Prophet - Jerel Law

This review is written by Grant

Fire Prophet by Jerel Law

This book was very interesting. It had a lot of detail and had a very modern setting. In thebook there were a few different settings; Johah's house, his school, and New York City.

There were three main characters in this book. the main character was Jonah. He is very strong and is a good leader. Jonah has a sister named Eliza. Eliza is very kind and faithful. Jonah's brother Jeremiah is very curious and is not afraid to tell the truth.
In the beginning of the book, fallen angels attack Joh=nah, Eliza and Jeremiah at school and they go to New York to hide in a convent with other quarterlings Johah has visions and starts training at night school at the convent. Soon they get atacked and Jonah sneaks out of the convent tohelp save the quarterlings.

This book has a lot of connections to the real world. One of them is to the Bible. This connects to the Bible because a small character int his book is God. The three main characters pray to him for help and guidance. Another connection is that I have a brother just like Jonah and I am in middle school.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy with a taste of the modern world in it.

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