Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

Well another Spring Reading Thing Challenge has come and gone. I hope you read a lot of good books.
I seemed to get multiple requests for picture books over the last few months.  This is great because I have a lot of grandchildren.  I had 27 books on my original list.  They are denoted below with an *.
I read 54 picture books, 11 Middle Grade/YA Books, and  15 Adult/Misc. books for a total of 80 books. Books on my original list that I did not get two are highlighted.  As always I enjoyed this challenge.  However as I said in my last post, I will not be able to host this or the Fall Into Reading Challenge next year.  I am looking for someone willing to take it over.  I will still participate.  However, extra duties, changes in school and the school district has made it difficult to do this justice as a host.  Please let me know if you would be willing to carry the torch for these two wonderful challenges.

Please write a wrap up post and put your link to your blog in Mr. Linky.  You will have until midnight on the 24th to do so.  I will pull and post the names of the two winners the next morning. I will also send out an email.  You will have 48 hours to reply or I will pull a new name.

Picture Books
6 Activities for Children – Eitan Hana
A Journey Into Imagination - Anat Umansky
*All Sheep Love to Sing – Paula McBride
All the Baby animals in the Wild – Emily Thompson
All the Baby Animals in the Woods – Emily Thompson
All the Baby Animals on the Farm – Emily Thomson
Bear and Bunny Go To Dreamland - Emily Thomson
Ben's Day - Mark C. Collins
Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon – Sarah & Steven Mostyn
*Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience – Karen Poth
*Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully – Anna Stover
Cat Cabby – Christina Tran
*Chickens In Birthday Suits – Nancy Mauerman
Counting From Creation - Tracy Wainwright
Dirty Bumble and clean Bumble - Anat Umansky
Don't Think You Can't - Anat Umansky
Easy as 1-2-3 Come Learn About Bugs A-Z  -  Kathry L. Novak
Exodus From Egypt - Anat Umansky
Foxy the Fox and the Vineyard – Eitan Hana
Foxy’s Birthday – Eitan Hana
Go Away Scary Thoughts - Anat Umansky
Goat and the Terror Birds – P. J.Gilbers
*Goodnight Farm Animals – Sharlene Alexander
Grandma Stinks  Mark C. Collins
*Hero Cat – Eileen Spinelli
How Babies Are Born - Anat Umansky
*It Stinks to be Pink – Kathryn L. Novak
Joey and the Net – Amos Ordan
Magical Toys – Uncle Amos
Maya & Filippo Look For Happiness in Tauranga – Alinka Rutkowsks
Maya & Filippo Look For Whales – Alinka Rutkowska
Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea – Alinka Rutkowska
Meet the Bugs! - Mark C. Collins
*Mia’s Tooth Fairy – Yosifia Porat
Momma Bird and Her Chicks - Anat Umansky
Mommy – Sergey Nikolov – Sergey Nikolov
My Brother is My Best Friend – Nicole Weaver
Not Another Boring ABC Book – Sharon Cohen
One Bear – Emily Thomson
Princess Rose and the Golden Bird – Sergey Nikolov
Rainboy Full of Joy - Eli
*Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend – Lisl Fair & Nina De Polonia
Queen Vernita Visits Gator Country - Dawn Menge
Stinky Fumes King of the Wild – Mahamad Ali Elfakir
Tani's Search For the Heart - Keith Egawa
Ten Busy Brownies – Talia Haven
The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns – Mahamad Ali Elfakir
The Legend of the Black Sea – Sergey Nikolov
The Secret Kingdom - Michele & Richard Bledsoe
The Ten Commandments - Anat Umansky
The Very Best You - Kathryn L. Novak
*Truthy Ruthy – Sari Barel
Why Blue? – Josh Tuininga
Why Did the Leaf Fall - Anat Umansky
Why the Giraffe is Crying - Anat Umansky
Wizard Bill's Secret - Anat Umansky

Middle Grade/Young Adult

84 Ribbons – Paddy Eger
*Across the Tumen – Moon Young-Sook
Ashlynn’s Dreams – Julie C. Gilbert
Championship Expectations – Jim Pransky
*Eye on the Iditarod Aisleys Quest – Hope Irwin Marston
*I Don’t Wanna Be an Orange Anymore – Hank Kellner
Ice Dogs – Terry Lyn Johnson
*Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain
Libby of High Hopes – Elise Primavera
Playoff Run – Jim Pransky
*Sacket’s Harbor Powder Monkey – Hope Irwin Marston
*The Case of Secrets – Alfred M. Struther
*The Rise of Mallory – Roy Huff
*The Sphere – Kevin Turner
*The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High – Roseanne Cheng
*This Star Won’t Go Out – Esther Earl
*Time Square: The Shift – S.W. Lothian
*Touch Down Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader – Peter Guy George
A Bridge Unbroken – Cathy Bryant
Call Me Clumsy – Matt Weinrich
*Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe – Barbara Miller
Fantasyland – D.J. Starling
*First Light – Alec Frost
Keeping Score – Marc bracket
Life Lived Twice – Sherrie Wouters
Mommy’s a Mole – Eve Carson
Morgan Kane Without Mercy – Louis Masterson
Orenda – Ruth Silva
*Pilgrimage of Promise – Cathy Bryant
Retarded Girl Raised in Dog Pen – Lauren Leigh
The Hitler Dilemma – Carolyn Twede Frank
The Last Confession of the Vampire Judas Iscariot - David B. Vermont
*The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese
*The Way of Grace – Cathy Bryant

How to Promote Your Children’s Book – Katie Davis
Simply Delicious Amish Cooking – Sherry Gore  

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  1. Wow, awesome list. Since you review many YA/MG books, have you tried Paperboy by Vince Vawter. It was a Newberry Honor Book. We used to work together, so I give him a plug when appropriate. Thanks so much for hosting - I always read more when there is a goal in the back of my mind.

  2. I wouldn't mind hosting the reading things on my blog if no one else has offered.

  3. No one else has offered. You can check my archives to see what the original requirements were or check Callapidder Day's blog. She was the one who originated the challenges. I'll keep checking for the fall because I want to participate. Thanks.

  4. Looks like some good read for your sprint. Yay, Kristen, for taking of the challenges! And, thanks, Sandra for doing it this spring -- it was fun!

  5. Another great year for the spring reading thing I enjoy participating so much. I can't take this on as a host, but I do hope that somebody will be willing. I would love to keep participating. I missed the fall one last year, but hope to join this year.