Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beyond Judgment “Brainrush III - Richard Bard

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Adult
Source:  I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review

From Goodreads:
With Publishers Weekly heralding the first book in his Brainrush thriller series as “terrifically entertaining” and “inventive and compelling,” and the sequel consistently near the top of the Amazon “Top Rated” list since its December 2011 release, Richard Bard now unleashes Beyond Judgment, which sees hero Jake Bronson at the mercy of his hidden past.

Suffering from coma-induced amnesia, Jake Bronson’s quiet existence in Italy is shattered by the arrival of a kill team doing the bidding of an ancient order. But while the assassins hunt Jake down, they unwittingly awaken fragments of his dormant memories and deadly skills. Now, with enemies stalking his every step, Jake is on a race to piece together his broken past and reconnect with lost allies and loved ones, risking everything to reawaken his true self and stop an ancient order from unleashing humanity's ultimate judgment.

My Thoughts
This is the third and last book in this trilogy and I have loved each one.  I keep waiting to see these on the big screen because that is where they truly belong. If you love action then this book was written for you. This is the good versus bad story that has you praising the protagonist for doing whatever it takes to protect those he cares about. 

In this book we get to meet Jake’s autistic son and see the connection they have. The bad guy in this book is as bad as they come. This series is science fiction at its best.  Imagine being the key that awakens an alien race that will decide if we “deserve” to continue living based on how far we’ve come. Now imagine that you are the one who has to save the world.  That’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. For Jake it’s just what he does.  If you’ve never read a science fiction book then this is the one you must read.

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