Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Devil in Disguise – Heather Huffman

Source:  I received a copy for review. The opinions expressed here are my own
Genre: Adult, Suspense

Danger, Romance, Suspense and a heavy dose of realism, is what you have mixed together in this book. Rachel Cooper is a reporter. She’s not just your everyday reporter. She thrives on getting the bad guys.  Now she is not only after the bad guys but has a personal stake in all of it.  Rachel receives a call from her mother.  Her sister is missing.  She calls the first person she can think of, Conrad.  She and Conrad
had a previous relationship. Had, because Rachel kept relationships at arms length. Conrad is the one person she knows she can rely on to help her get her sister back.  Getting her sister back isn’t enough.  When she learns her sister is a victim of human trafficking, she wants to do everything she can to shut these types of people down for good.  That means putting everyone in danger.  The danger doesn’t end when she finally gets her sister back.  I won’t say more because this is a book you really need to read.

The scary thing is that this really does happen.  I remember calling a parent because one of my students came to me concerned about a friend of theirs who was talking with an older man in a chat room.  Young girls are often so naïve.  This girl really didn’t see where there was any danger.  Her parents were unaware she was chatting online with anyone.  I always knew what my children were doing online.  I told them if they didn’t want me to see what they were doing then they needed to stay off.  Parents need to protect their kids from these types of predators. We can’t turn a blind eye and say that these things only happen in other countries.  These things happen right here in our own country and it is time we wake up to that fact. The author has done a wonderful job of bringing this to the reader’s attention.  This is a book that parents should read.

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