Friday, November 21, 2014

The Green Dagger by Kelly Hess

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Source: I received a copy to help facilitate my review. The opinons expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
Tensions rise between Delvengard and Sorak as the Sorak queen demands the return of the Blade of Torrill. As Delvengard scrambles to locate the mythical weapon, many fear war is inevitable.
Fritz, who secretly possesses the dagger, is tormented by its evil. Eager to take control of its power, he journeys in search of a mysterious being who may be able to help.
The Green Dagger, Book Two of the BlackMyst Trilogy, continues the adventure, five years after the events of Book One, Eyes of the Enemy.

My Thoughts:

I loved the first book in the BlackMyst trilogy.  This second one is just as good.  It is definitely one I will add to my shelves. When we left the first book Fritz has in his possession a special dagger.  The problem is that it has attached itself to him.  The Sorak Queen has sent people out to find and return the dagger.  We learn how and why the dagger was created.  We learn about some of its powers.  Most importantly we learn of the effect it is having on Fritz.  With Beynn by his side, Fritz sets off to find a way to control the dagger.  You have really got to read this book to find out if he is successful.  Like the first book in the series we are left waiting impatiently for the next book in this trilogy.  This is an action packed, clean series.  I have a long student waiting list for the first book in this series.  I definitely need to have the second book on my shelves.  This is a must read for all fantasy readers young or older.

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