Saturday, December 6, 2014

Student Saturday: Scary Tales Home Sweet Horror by James Preller

Student Reviewer:  Amari B.
Genre: Middle Grade, Horror

A book called "Scary Tales" will send goosebumps up your spine! The amazing author of this book is named James Preller. He is one of my favorite authors! He eve wrote a second Scary Tales called I Scream You Scream. In this amazing book of scary tales, there is a story about how this family of three moved into this thousand year old house. They have two children named Liam Finn, and Kelly Finn. They feel uncomfortable about this spooky house. Liam is the one who is so freaked out about this house. When something strange happens....
It was fascinating to learn about the kids experience with scary things happening. I would recommend this scary book to the carers who would want to read this book in the bathroom with only candle light letting you be able to read.  I loved this book!

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