Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oliver and Jumpy Stories 7-9 by Werner Stejskal

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Oliver is a most prestigious cat who walks around with a top hat. His best friend is Jumpy the kangaroo. They have many adventures together.  In the first story "Witerland", we find Oliver waiting for his breakfast, which always arrives by the Pelican Delivery Service. He soon realizes they can't fly because of the beautiful snow outside. Oliver gets dressed for the snowy outdoors and joins his friend Jumpy for a fun day in the snow.

In the Second story "Baby Oliver" we learn about Oliver when he was a baby. He loved stalking his sibligs for fun. He always listened to the important lessons his mother taught him

The final story was called "Egging". This was a cute story. At Eggng time each year all of the animals purchase a ticket with a numbher on it. The number tells them which bird egg, donated by a bird mother, they will received. They take their egg home and sit on it until it hatches. Then, they return the birds to their parents.

These books teach valuable lessons such as listening to your parens, sharing your time with your friends and helping others.  I am always pleased when this author has a new book out and asks me to review them.  I am always looking for great books for my grandchildren, and these are great books.

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