Friday, February 27, 2015

The Sparks by Kyle Prue

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
The Vapros, the Taurlum, and the Celerius: three dynasties bound by an ancient promise, and given superhuman abilities to protect the city of Altryon from the dangerous world beyond its walls. Centuries of fighting, however, have turned the families against each other. A powerful emperor now rules and each family has suffered heavy casualties in the feud.
Sixteen-year-old, Neil Vapros desperately wants to become an assassin in order to impress his overly critical father. Despite a failed mission, Neil learns that a new sinister threat has awakened. This mysterious new power will shatter the established order and threaten not only the very lives of these powerful families, but also the once great city of Altryon.
Everything can change with a single “Spark”...

My Review:
From the minute I read the very first line of the story: “Slide the knife between the third and fourth rib.”
I knew this was going to be a great book.  I was right.  You have three families who were given special powers to help protect the city of Altiyon from attack both within and without.  Unfortunately, as happens so often, the three families bound by an ancient promise got greedy.  Each wanted more. Each wanted to be the most important and rule.  So they started fighting each other.  This is how the feud began.  This is why they were given an emperor to rule over them.  This story is not just about the three families  It is the story of three teens  trying to find their place within their own families and in their society. This is a society that they are learning has some problems.  Is it possible the emperor is behind it all?  I loved that this was a great fantasy with great lessons.  These teens were prejudiced toward each other because their families had trained them to be that way with no valid reasons.  They had to learn to put aside their differences and work together.  I look forward to the second book in the series when he finishes it.


Kyle Prue decided to write Feud: The Sparks one sleepless night of summer vacation when he was 15. Realizing he was losing inspiration to read, he endeavored to write something that he and his peers wouldn’t be able to put down. He plans to complete the trilogy with The Flames and The Ashes. Currently a high school senior, Kyle is a varsity swimmer, founder of the improv club, and involved in mock trial. Also, as a dedicated member of the film club, he spends his weekends writing and editing film. An actor and comedian, Kyle trains at Second City Comedy Club in Chicago, where a number of SNL actors have gotten their start, and performs improv at LA Connection in Los Angeles. Kyle lives with his family in Naples, Florida.

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