Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saving Mim: Charlie Kadabra Last of the Magicians by Nan McAdam

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Source:  I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Charlie Kadabra was abandoned as a baby. He is bullied at school and just can't seem to get a break, until the day his science teacher comes at him with a knife. Suddenly, he learns that things aren't what they seem. He is talked to by a white rabbit, he goes through a shiny curtain and ends up in another dimension. The girl who was always nice to him at school now has pointy ears and multicolored ears. Charlie learns he comes from a long line of magicians. He is Mim's last hope. If Dr. Pi has his way he will destroy Mim. 

This is the type of book I think my sixth graders will love. They will be able to relate to Charlie in so many ways. In this book they will take a journey with Charlie through the halls of school into a fantasy world. They will find a hero they ca root for.  I am definitely looking forward to the second book in this series.

Nan McAdam Bio
Nan McAdam has had a prestigious career in the agricultural and financial sales arena.  She trained, coached, and mentored individual sales, as well as sales teams, for over 20 years. 
As an author of two blogs, Nan has been a fan of self-improvement for many years, and has passed her knowledge of leadership, parenting, and how to live a more enriched life to the readers of her blog: Nan is also the author of an elder care blog:  http//  She has been published 78 times in numerous publications.

Nan has spent over 15 years caring for elderly loved ones.  In 2013, Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age, was published.  It is a non-fiction book born from Nan’s experience as a caregiver. 

2015 is destined to be another great year.  It is the year that Nan’s first children’s book will be published.  It is a middle grade fantasy adventure for ages 10 and up.  Charlie Kadabra, Last of the Magicians will begin a series with the first book, Saving Mim.

When Nan isn't caregiving or writing, she is spending time with her family.  She is married, has three adult children, and two grandchildren.  She makes her home in the midwest where she lives with her husband and 3 furry four legged family members.

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