Saturday, March 14, 2015

Student Saturday: Bogus by Karla Oceanak

Student Reviewer: Darrell S.
Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic

Bogus is a funny book. I can sit there for hours and read this book. It's about a boy named Aldo Zelnick.  This is the sequel to the book "Artsy-Fartsy". The book "Bogus"  is about when Aldo, Jack and Bee find a ring. Aldo thought that the ring was super bogus. But, Jack thought it was real. When aldo had the ring he lost it. The next day there was an article in the newspaper. It turned out that the ring was real and someone had a $1,000 reward for whoever could find it. One of the best books ever. If you want to find out what happened, then I want you to read this book.

Teacher's Note:
This student was so into this series that his giggles and sharing with his neighbor, along with his, "You have GOT to read this Mrs. Stiles", prompted me to read Artsy Fartsy.  He was right, I loved it.

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