Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sound Catcher by Graham Garrity

Source: I purchased
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

I purchased this book because it sounded interesting.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Chloe is a young girl who had an accident and ended up with a bump on her head.  As a result of that bump she keeps seeing colored clouds. Her mom has kept her home for several days and finally decides she needs some fresh air.  Chloe goes to the old quarry and sees a funny looking man on a funny looking tricycle below her.  When she finally meets him she learns he is the Sound Catcher.  He catches stray sounds.  He tells her it is strange that she can see him as he is invisible.  Then he learns she can see sounds in the form of colored clouds.  He is trying to prove everything about himself when Chloe tells him about a strange stray sound. It was a whisper that makes her think that something bad is going to happen.  Because those particular sounds were green they began to gather up green clouds and finally figured out what the situation was.  What do you do when you hear that someone is going to steal the crown jewels? This is what Chloe and the Sound Catcher must figure out.

I thought it was quite unique to see the sounds as colored clouds.  I loved how inside the special tank used to hold them they form layers like the rainbow.  The red clouds were those that were pleasant such as a baby's giggle.  Yellow were those annoying sounds like lawnmowers.  This was a unique book. For someone like me who is very visual I loved this book.  It combined sounds and sights magnificently.  This book sounded interesting so I figured I would read it before I purchased it for my classroom shelves.  This is one that will go on my list to purchase.  I look forward to reading more by this author.

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