Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Fiction
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

The main characters of this story are Abby and Rick and Abby's daughter Paige. At one time Abby and Rick were real close. When Rick moved things changed. Each of them married and then divorced. Abby was married to an abusive alcoholic. Rick was married to a woman who was very distant. His marriage was going no where. The other characters in the story are childhood friends that they have all reconnected with. This is not a feel good story.  There are deaths and decisions to be made around every corner.

I definitely understood where Abby was coming from when it came to Paige. When you have a dysfunctional marriage and you split the one thing you want to do is protect your children.  I knew the game Paige was playing. She wanted her dad to show how much he loved her so she overlooked his issues. This is where I can say "been there done that". My daughter was Paige in many ways.  She liked her new step-dad yet she constantly compared him to her biological dad in the hopes of getting a reaction from her biological dad. Paige made Ricks life so much more difficult. He hung in there for her because he truly loved her as much as he loved her mother.

This book is full of hope. Hope for the future that things can be made good again. Hope that you can recapture some of your youth.  All in all this was a very good book and one I would recommend.

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