Monday, June 15, 2015

The Sacrifist by T. Mason Gilbert

Genre: Adult, Adventure/Paranormal
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
Sir Randolph Barrington hires a mountaineer to look for his son who has disappeared, leaving nothing but a lot of blood in the snow on Mt. Kangchenjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world. Was it the fabled yeti? Any witnesses aren't talking. Torleif G√ľnner, who guided the expedition in which Rand disappeared, meets with Dane "Lake" Nielsen and forwards Sir Randolph's terms. Dane has been hiding out at his ranch in Leadville, Colorado since an avalanche accident, but money talks.

Dane and Torleif organize an expedition to find Rand's remains. Before Dane leaves, he receives a strange call from a woman warning him not to go. Meanwhile, the High Lama of a monastery near Kangchenjunga sends his emissary, the Sacrifist, to the Sherpa guide who is heading up the crew used by Dane. The guide agrees to take the Sacrifist along, disguised as a porter for the expedition, but has no idea what the Sacrifist's intentions are. Is he a monk? He doesn't look like one. Besides these competing factions, Sir Randolph has also hired the TV show host of 'Big Game, Big Times' to look for the animal who attacked his son. 

Will Rand or his remains be found? Who will find the beast first? Who will die?

My Thoughts:
The author did an excellent job of showing the different cultures and beliefs. The descriptions were so good you felt like you were on the mountain with the sherpas. As well as being read for entertaiment the book provides a lot of information about mountain climbing and the beliefs of those who live in the area. The story line progresses at a pace that keeps you turning the pages. You really don't want to put the book down for any reason. For that reason I recommend it to those who love adventure with a touch of the paranormal.

Author Bio:
T. Mason Gilbert is a humorist by nature, but his past is not checered. It is more of a chessboard full of strange strategies that worked for him. Before writing novels hehad written jokes for other stand-up comedians, screenplays, and sitcoms. At one time, he was a sidekick for a well-known DJ doing impressions on Los Angeles radio and also did voiceovers for Premier Radio Network. He was a finalist for the ne Mickey Mouse voice in 2009.
His first novel. "The Sacrifist" is an adventure about the hunt for a yeti that is killing climbers in the Himalaya. His second nove, "Poker, Poker: An Erotic Sex Comedy" was written during NaoWriMo 2014 and will be availabe in April of 2015 and published under the pen name of Matt Broseling.
He lives with his wife of 36 years in Orange County, California.

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