Friday, January 8, 2016

Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Genre: Adult, Thriller
Source: I purchased

This is the third book in this series. In this book Cara has been caught. However, the killings don’t stop. Someone is killing pimps and this time it can’t be Cara. Once again the tension has been ratcheted up. My feelings about Cara being caught.  I kept thinking that if she hadn’t risked her life to prevent Roarke’s death she would probably have not been caught. I looked at Cara and the events in her life that shaped her into the person she was. I knew that the killings she committed was wrong. However, and I keep finding myself saying that, I understood why she killed the people she did and a part of me really wanted to justify her killing. The strong theme of human trafficking is spot on to what is still happening in the world today. Alexandra Sokoloff has taken a subject that so many shy away from and put it out front. She has not solved the problem, but you can’t help but read this book and think about it and the effect it has on so many around the world. For a little while we get to look at it and think that these people have gotten what they deserved. Maybe that is wrong thinking. But, like I told my students recently when discussing a controversial issue, sometimes there is no black or white answer. The author has made the reader feel and think things they probably never would have thought before. I love books that make me have such mixed emotions. This is a series I would definitely read several more times. My husband says it is because I have a morbid side. I say it is because I know excellent writing and this is it in its finest form.  You must read the entire series. I highly recommend it. Then do what I’m going to do and check out her other books.

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