Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Genre: Adult, Thriller
Source: I purchased

This is the second book in the Huntress Series. In this series we know that Agent Roarke is searching for two killers. One of them is the character we met in the first book, Cara. She is the only survivor of a killer who brutally killed every member of her family except her. They are also responsible for killing two other families. Both Agent Roarke and Cara are searching for this killer who has disappeared, or have they? As Roarke tries to catch Cara he makes a terrible discovery.  The person responsible for killing her family and setting her on her own personal path, also known as ‘the reaper’ has been at it again. Roarke has no clue how to find  this killer of whole families. But it seems like Cara does and she keeps trying to help without getting caught. The “Dexter”. It was one of my favorite shows. However, this book formed such mental images in my mind it was like watching a movie as I read. It topped “Dexter” hands down. I would actually love to see this made into a movie or even a series. I find it amazing that the more Roarke tries to locate Cara the more clues she leaves him, helping him out. But I kept wondering if he was getting too close to Cara to the point of not being able to be objective.  Definitely a must read, then move on to the third book.

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