Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Genre: Adult, Thriller
Source: I purchased a copy

Huntress Moon by  Alexandra Sokoloff

This story has two main characters. First we have FBI Agent Matthew Roarke.  He has always had a special sense about people. From the time he was a small child he knew he would grow up to work in a field where he would put bad people away. He now has his sights set on a blonde woman who seems to always be seen at the scene of murders. Is she responsible? Is it possible that SHE is a serial killer? This seems almost improbable because most serial killers are men.

Agent Roarke learns her identity and learns she (Cara) is after more than he originally thought. The question this author makes you ask yourself is how bad is bad? Are there instances that would make you overlook the evil in someone? Could they ever be justified in their actions? This is a book where you find yourself not justifying what Cara does, but looking for the why’s. You empathize with her. You want to help her change her ways because you know the path she is going down is not going to end well. You want at the same time for Roarke to be successful and put away a dangerous killer. There are no set answers for you as you read.  The author has done a superb job of creating characters you like no matter what their position in the story. The action scenes keep you glued to the edge of your seat.  Since this is a series, when I was asked to review one of them I looked them up and immediately purchased the first two. I got so into it my husband bought me the third. Make sure you have all three so you can read seamlessly from the first to the third book. Get plenty of sleep before you begin because you won’t want to sleep, or I should say you won’t be able to sleep until you complete the book, and for me the entire series.  This is a series I definitely recommend.  I am so pleased that every book I’ve started the new year reading has been so good.

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  1. I'm thrilled that you responded so strongly to the books! I'm deep in the middle of writing book 4 - I may just be able to finish after all! Thanks so much for reading and writing.

    Alexandra Sokoloff