Monday, January 11, 2016

Five Books by Nancy Guettier

Genre: Children's Picture Books
Source: I received copies to facilitate my reivews. The opinions expressed here are my own

These five books are a wonderful way to teach your children about several different things. The drawings are wonderful and will entice any child or parent to pick up these books.

Mermaids on Mars by Nancy Geuttier
This is a story about mermaids who live on Mars and have lots of fun swimming and playing in water. But, they waste the water and use it all up. They must come to the Earth. The book is full of tips for conserving water.

Circus in the Sky by Nancy Guettier
This is a wonderful way to entice the youngest child to look up at the sky and teach them about the constellations.

Jude’s Moon by Nancy Guettier

Jude loves everything about the moon. While looking for his moon he learns so much about the moon. This is a wonderful book for teaching the different phases of the moon.

Roy G. Biv is Mad at Me Because I Love Pink
I loved this book. It teaches the reader the colors of the rainbow. It tells them about the emotions associated with them. There is so much to learn and such wonderful pictures.

I Wish
When two girls find a magic wand one of them  makes wishes for what they would want to be. However, when all is said and done they decide the best wish of all is to be best friends forever.
The pictures in this book are absolutely bright and beautiful.

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