Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Adventure of Midge and Moo by Kerry McQuaide

Here are five wonderful picture books by Kerry McQuaide. I have to say that as I read these books about a young girl named Midge and her carry around stuffed cow, I kept thinking about two of my grandchildren. Haylee had a pony she carried around that she brought home from the hospital and her brother Jacob had a puppy he brought home from the hospital. Both children and animals came to visit and spend the night. These books are charming and wonderful to read with your children or in my case grandchildren. What I have done here is give a brief summary of each of the five books. I purchased these books.

A Day With Moo
In this book we are introduced to Midge and her stuffed cow Moo. They do everything together. When Midge builds blocks, Moo knocks them down. However, she often blames Moo for things. We can see that no matter what, Midge loves Moo very much.

Lost in the Garden
Midge and Moo love to play in the garden. On one particular day Moo is lost and Midge tries to find him. These are called peek-a-boo books because as Midge checks out different areas you see something peeking out. It gives you the opportunity to ask kids to predict what it might be.

Moo Knows Numbers
This is a simple and fun counting book. The pictures are things that the youngest child can identify.

Moo is Missing
The cute little stuffed cow that Midge Came home from the hospital with, is missing. This is another peek-a-boo book. Kids can help Midge look for her lost little friend.

Letter to Santa

I would recommend these books to parents or grandparents of very young children.  I know they will enjoy them as much as you will.

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