Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Cover Reveal and Review: An Unexpected Exploit by Kandi J. Wyatt

Here it comes!  The release date, September 10th,  is almost here for the third book in the Myth Coast Adventure Trilogy.  Not only does it have a beautiful cover, but it has a wonderful story inside.


In this third installment, we find Franklin out hunting. He sees what he believes is a bear. As he raises his gun to shoot, the creature disappears. Franklin goes to investigate and stumbles into another realm, Shinwano. When he doesn't return home his friends go to search for him.  In the alternate realm, Franklin is being trained to protect the portal and his new friends.  Franklin returns to his own realm. Unfortunately, Jack Collins, the poacher is up to his old tricks. This time he forces Franklin to show him the way in. Franklin's friends follow to help him out. Franklin is welcomed back into the village. The secret he carries about the danger he has brought into Shinwano is eating away at him. Will he do the right thing? Can he save those he loves?

This is a must-read when it comes out. I can't wait for it to come out in paperback so I can purchase it for my classroom and a couple of grandkids.

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