Saturday, August 17, 2019

Witch Catcher by Mary Downing Hahn

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mystery
Source: I purchased a copy

When my granddaughter messaged me that she had found another Mary Downing Hahn book she wanted I bought it. You know how it goes, you order a book then find several more by the author that you need/want to read.  This was one of those jewels. What drew me in was the difference in the subject matter. Hahn is known for her ghost stories. In this book, we meet Jen and her father who have just moved into a house her dad inherited. It is full of antique artifacts from his eccentric uncle. Jen disobeys her father and visits the tower behind their house. There she finds a glass globe that she takes back to her house and hides.  Jen is surprised to learn that when her father had come to this small town to work on the house he had met an antique dealer and started a relationship with her. Jen is not thrilled. She is even more upset when she meets Moura. Something doesn't seem right.  Moura makes it clear that she wants the globe and knows that Jen has it. Jen's cat Tink accidentally breaks the globe releasing a fairy from inside. With Moura's reaction, the change in her father and Moura's mysterious friend Jen knows that she must get involved if she wants to save her dad and her new friend. I absolutely loved this book.  Hahn has an author's note in the back that explains witch catchers and her fascination with them. I am sure my students are going to love this one.

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