Sunday, June 7, 2020

Dragons and Monsters - Five Books by Michael Gordon

Genre: Children's Picture Books
Source: I purchased them.

Dragon's Breath
George has a pet dragon. Unfortunately, the pet dragon doesn't think it is important to brush his teeth. George has to find a way to get Joe to brush his teeth. I love Michael's books because they teach a lesson and they rhyme and this makes them interesting to children.

The Angry Dragon
George and his pet dragon are playing. George accidentally breaks Joe's favorite toy and Joe gets angry. Later on, when George is doing chores Joe wants him to stop and play with him. When George doesn't Joe gets angry.  Joe has got to learn to control his anger and learn that you don't always get your way.

The Bad Dragon

Blerks first day of school doesn't go the way he wanted. He is rude. He shoves people, refuses to sing, cuts in line. When it happens to him the next day he understands why. The new girl Nell wants a friend just like him.

Dragon's Fury
Ben has a pet dragon named Gronk. They love to play together. When Gronk doesn't get his way he gets angry and throws a tantrum. He melts the kitchen sink, He stomps his feet and screams and blows steam and flames out his snout. When Ben does the same they have to learn how to calm themselves.

The Tantrum Monster
Devy the monster had trouble controlling his emotions. When his sister was rewarded with a new toy for good behavior he became jealous and threw a tantrum.  When he and his sister played a game and his sister kept winning he lost his temper again and started to throw a tantrum. His mom gave him fruit for a snack and he wanted cheesecake. He started to throw a tantrum. Each time he had to learn to breathe. Devy learns that controlling his emotions can have great benefits.

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