Monday, June 8, 2020

Three More Michael Gordon Books

Genre: Children's Picture Books
Source: Purchased

How to Accept No
Josh is not having a good day. At the grocery store, he and his mom are stuck in a long line. He gets mad and wants to go home. Mom explains that they can't. She shows Josh how to deal with his anger. When Josh and his dad go to the play center someone else has the toy he wants to play with. Dad shows him how to get rid of his anger. When they are done playing at the park, Josh doesn't want to leave. He gets angry and his mom has them play a game so they turn their frowns into a smile.

When I Am Stressed
Oh how I could relate to this book. Josh has just started school and so he no longer gets to take an afternoon nap. When he gets home he is tired but doesn't want to nap. He gets cranky and begins to snap at everyone making everyone else cranky. But dad has a plan. He explains that everyone needs time to relax.

When I Lose My Temper
Josh is like so many kids. When he gets upset he starts feeling bad and then loses his temper. His mom sees this and teaches him some breathing techniques. That evening he gets upset again and tries what his mom taught him and it didn't seem to help very much. Dad teaches him something else to add to it.  When he wants to play with his sister and her friend they won't let him. He can feel himself getting upset again. He tries the techniques several times to get himself under control. He has learned how to help himself.

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